How not to lead

In the midst of such a crisis, it’s been sad to hear our prime minister come out with one stupid sentence after another.

  • “The most important thing is to try to bring peace and stability to that part of the world.” No, it isn’t. Not right now it isn’t. And when are we going to do that anyway? Are we capable of achieving it? How long is it going to take? It’ll be too late, if ever.
  • I don’t think there is an answer that can be achieved simply by taking more and more refugees.” More and more? The UK has hardly taken in any. It’s not the job of a prime minister to talk like an uninformed or brutish voter! Of course there’s an answer that can be achieved by taking in refugees: saving people’s lives.
  • “As a father I feel deeply moved by the sight of that young boy on a beach in Turkey.” No, you felt moved as a human being.
  • “We will fulfil our moral responsibilities.” On our behalf, the government does do quite a bit, but in no sense (other than in the mind of a politician) is that the fulfilment of our moral responsibilities, as hundreds of thousands of people are expressing to him right now.



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